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Skocjan Caves

Skocjan Caves

SKOCJAN CAVES – more about the caves…

Due to their exceptional significance, the Škocjan Caves were entered on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites in 1986. International scientific circles have thus acknowledged the importance of the Caves as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth. Roundabout tours that include visiting Skocjan Caves: Karst & Coast Mystery tour (1 day)  –  West Roundy tour (2 days)  –  Slovenian Weekend (3 days)  –  Slovenian Fairytale (5 days)  
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Human fish in Postojna Cave

POSTOJNA CAVE – more about the cave

The Postojna Cave is one of the present day’s most important show caves in the world. It is also number one among sights which attract the largest numbers of visitors in both Slovenia and in the Alps-Adriatic Region. This enviable reputation has been earned by a number of past discoveries, over 200 years. Roundabout tours that include visiting Postojna Cave: Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle tour (half day)  –  Slovenian Weekend (3 days)  –  Slovenian Fairytale (5 days)