Natural attractions

Most popular and interesting natural attractions in Slovenia

Slovenia Karstic Caves


HIGHLIGHTS TO BE SEEN: The worldwide famous karst caves are spread all over the region of Slovenia. Around 8000 of them are registered out of which 25 are “show caves”, open for tourists. If you are in thirst for adventurous surprises, then you should take a look at the Slovenia caves and the fascinating adjacent areas.
Slovenia Lakes


HIGHLIGHTS TO BE SEEN: Lakes are one of the constituent element in the exceptional level of water resources in Slovenia, which ranks amongst the richest countries in Europe in this regard.
Slovenia Waterfalls


HIGHLIGHTS TO BE SEEN: There are over 300 enchanting waterfalls in Slovenia. Many of them are listed as sites of natural interest. They are most numerous in the Soča River area and in Triglav National Park.
Slovenia Rivers


HIGHLIGHTS TO BE SEEN: Slovenia boasts beautiful and clear rivers that offer numerous water sports as well as angling. The sources of several rivers are sites of special natural interest and highly picturesque valleys.
Valleys od Slovenia


HIGHLIGHTS TO BE SEEN: Slovenia has many different and spectacular valleys. Some of them are considered among the most beautiful in whole Europe!
Valleys od Slovenia


HIGHLIGHTS TO BE SEEN: Slovenia has many different and spectacular natural parks.