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Company profile

Company name:  TJs Travel Agency ltd.
Company Brand:  Roundabout Travel
Website: www.travel-slovenia.com, www.roundabout.si
E-mail: info@roundabout.si
Address: Pot Draga Jakopica 6, 1000 Ljubljana
ID for VAT:  SI45324565
Registration number: 2184807
Chamber of Commerce licence: 691

IBAN: SI56 0430 2000 3385 672
Bank name: Nova KBM d.d.
Bank address: Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, 2000 Maribor

TJs ltd. Sustainability strategy / DOWNLOAD  

TRAVELIFE CERTIFICATE – Adopted measures in the certification process
  • better waste management
  • more focused communication with guests about the company sustainable policy
  • replacement of office printing paper
  • replacement of plastic brochure stands with more sustainable alternatives
  • prioritize restaurant partners with locally supplied foods
  • promotion and communication of the company sustainable policy among partners and local environment
  • development of guidelines on employees’ clear definition of work in extraordinary circumstances 

Who are we

We are a team of colleagues who in 2005 after 9 years of working in the tourism business decided it was time to fill a vacancy in the Slovene incoming tourism activity. By joining our enthusiasm, experience and practice we found out a way to accustom them to the Slovene market and its target audience. A new agency was born which offers travelers to discover Slovenia at tremendously reasonable prices, but what is most important in an extremely original and flexible way.

At the very beginning we organized trips for smaller groups of foreign guests under the brand Roundabout Travel. By working successfully and realizing every trip we achieved the largest market share in tourism activity in organizing trips for foreigners traveling around Slovenia. Our future goal is to enlarge our activity on large groups and consequently offer a unique and even more attractive way of discovering Slovenia and the neighboring countries.

Our major belief is to touch people’s hearts with the charming and breathtaking natural beauties and provide quality service at reasonable prices. Our guests’s satisfaction and gratitude let us know we are working well. The greatest reward by all means is when our customers show such huge enthusiasm about Slovenia to send us their friends to taste the same unforgettable experience.  

Why choose us

Because we:
  • have extensive knowledge of our country, its hotels, restaurants and venues,
  • offer high quality of services,
  • have great reputation of past operation,
  • have the most competitive prices,
  • guarantee personal welcome and full day assistance,
  • provide 24 hrs assistance during the event.

Roundabout offers travellers the opportunity to discover Slovenia at tremendously reasonable prices, but most importantly in an extremely original and flexible way. The agency’s basic belief is to touch people’s hearts with the charming and breathtaking natural beauties and provide top quality service at affordable prices. The greatest reward by all means is when customers show such genuine enthusiasm about Slovenia and our work after attending our tours that send us their family and friends to get a taste of the same unforgettable experience.

We believe that quality services can be provided by creating sustainable environment, including business partners, employees, suppliers and customers. We try to achieve that in everyday business.


TJs ltd. Sustainability strategy

TJs ltd. Sustainability strategy serves as the basic guideline document to achieve the company`s vision and to identify the critical sustainability goals in all work segments. We believe that quality services can be provided by creating a sustainable environment, including business partners, employees, suppliers and customers. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and optimize our use of resources across our operations in an effort to help build a more sustainable future in tourism. Our publicly announced commitments drive us to improve and achieve our mission faster. Tjs sustainability policy is based on four main activity areas: Sustainable management, sustainable services, environmental policy and society.

    • Sustainable management: to promote sustainable activities & services and increase awareness among employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. The company aspires to establish itself as an example in lowering the environmental impact and to contribute to delivering positive environmental solutions in the Slovenian sustainable tourism field.
  • Sustainable services: to develop sustainable services and travel packages by involving the highest number of local suppliers as possible.
  • Environmental policy: to reduce negative impacts on the environment, energy and water consumption. Employees and customers are encouraged to act in accordance with the sustainable philosophy in the office and all connected operation areas.
  • Society: to reduce negative impacts on the society and to contribute to local economic welfare.
The company’s sustainable policy is visually presented to employees throughout the office areas with THINK. ACT. SHARE. information signs.

Roundabout Team

Roundabout Team

PRIMOZ TOVORNIK – I like being a guide and for that I have many reasons. I consider the world like my working office. For me the favorite place is of course my home country Slovenia, where it’s rich history incorporate with beautiful nature like Bled castle and Predjama castle. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and for that I don’t have to travel around the globe, because the world comes here to Slovenia, the most well kept secret in Europe. My hobby is to do useless things in my spare time in Ljubljana which is my favourite place in Slovenia.

Roundabout Team


Love: discovering gastronomy, mountainbiking, skiing, sunny mornings, cold winters with loads of snow, hot summers.

Don’t love so much: Wet umbrella, cold bathroom, warm beer, drivers that don’t use turn signals and safety distance.

Roundabout team

JERRY MOON  – My name is Jerica Mesec- they call me Jerry and I have been working for four years now as a professional tourist guide. I can say that my work is also my hobby. I simply love my job. And yet, the main reason why I feel so fortunate to work as a guide is because of the most inspiring, intelligent, life-loving and caring guests, coworkers and local people I have met throughout this time. Working for Roundabout gives me the ability to stay active in a place where I could be constantly inspired, while feeding my insatiable appetite to socialize with new and fascinating people. My office is beautiful nature, lakes, sea, mountains, national park, caves, crystal clear rivers, forest, etc.. I am looking forward to welcome you in my office and together we can create beautiful lifelong memoriesJ!

Roundabout Team

MATJAZ ZUPAN – Born in Alps, raised in the world. Ever since being a young boy, I had problems staying at home. My urge to explore got me travelling around Europe and eventuelly I got to join my love to travel with my professional occupation with becoming a tourist guide. So, since 2006 I help other people discover beauties of Europe, doing the job I love. At the moment I am also finishing the two degrees study of Russian language and History, which help me a lot with my work. However I cannot sit still and a quick Italian language course is already waiting for me on my desk… right next to travel map, inviting me to new places.

Roundabout Team

MOJCA MIKOLIC = Marylin Monroe  So, this is me! Already graduate student of Tourism, but after that I realised that I don´t want to finish with my student life yet, so I started it once again.  And now, I am about to get two more degrees in Art history and History.. crazy right? During my free time I teach italian and when I really have that much free time I do also some sports – sky jumping for example 🙂 I just love my job as a tourist guide as much I love beeing a tourist.

Roundabout Team

TJASA JERMAN – I’ve worked in many  fields of tourism, but what I like the most is guiding foreign tourists around Slovenia. Taking around those, who have never yet been to this beautiful country, always gives me new perspectives on how to appreciate my homeland. I always make sure that my tours are pleasant and relaxed – we take our time to take in the atmosphere on site. If you are interested in cultural history or sociology, you are in luck – these are my favourite topics and I will gladly discuss them with you.  I am looking forward to taking you aboard on one of my Roundabout tours.

Roundabout team

PRIMOZ KADUNC – I love Slovenia and balkan area…especially adriatic coast with islands. I like to make jokes with forigners like you can come to Slovenia but you have to be careful it is dangerous…it is dangerous that you will start to feel sLOVEnia and you will want to stay here for ever.  It will be my plasure to reveal you why I love this part of the world. Welcome.

Roundabout Team ADRIJANA ZELJE
Roundabout Team TOMO PETEK
Roundabout team MARTIN GRAMC
Roundabout team MIHA KLANJSCEK
Roundabout Team MITJA JUS –  – Director. I love life and Slovenia