• Tour of Slovene local wine-cellars
  • Exploring small tavernas in the old villages of the Slovenian Istria region
  • Rakija tasting in the wider Balkans area



Customer reviews

Very rarely take tours when on holiday. This was a first and boy was it worth it.

We came to discover that Slovenia is really an underrated gem with extremely diverse landscape and stunning nature. Both my husband and I felt that the 2 day tours were, without a doubt, the highlight of our 5-day stay in Slovenia.

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Food and Wine

"Wine makes a symphony of a good meal." F. Garvin

Getting acquainted with traditional dishes and local wines means getting to know the Slovenians in the best way there is. It does not come as a surprise that gastronomic excursions generate such interest among foreign guests.

Brought here by the Celts and the Yllirians, the grapevines were cultivated by the Romans and tended by hundreads of generations that followed. Three Slovenian wine-growing regions offer quality and superior quality wines and sparkling wines. The soil, the sunshine and the love for grapevine make Slovenia a top level wine producer, offering established red and white wines, including some autochthonous varieties with certified and protected geographical origin.

The beauty of the Slovenian cuisine is in its diversity – from traditional dishes, prepared the old-fashioned way, to modern techniques. Most likely, you are about to come across with both on the same plate. Located at the major geographical crossroad, every area offers its unique flavours that resemble the place’s history and local character. Slovenia offers a wide variety of geographically protected food products, which are excellently fused into traditional and modern cuisine.

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