• Budnar living museum
  • Velika Planina pastures
  • Medieval city of Kamnik
  • Kamniska Bistrica river

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Spela was such a gem: punctual, genuine, amiable, human and a reference book of knowledge.

For an hour and a half we were like Hobbits in Lord of the Rings, threading our way along a subtly-lit path through the stalagmites and a jaw-dropping cavern that I guess would have swallowed the world’s biggest sports stadium.

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Kamnik and Velika Planina Tour

Experience the original vibe of mountain pastures

From Ljubljana to Kamnik, one of the loveliest and oldest towns in Slovenia which is surrounded by the beautiful Kamnik Alps. First, we will visit Velika Planina, mountain plateau with its green pastures and typical and unique architecture of more than 50 shepard’s huts. We will visit Preskar hut museum, the only preserved example of a typical oval Velika planina hut in Slovenia.

After ascending from Velika Planina we can visit brandy cellar that offers homemade brandies from all over Slovenia. After brandy tasting we will head on to visit the source of the Kamniska Bistrica River, one of Slovenia’s clearest rivers and the valley’s most mesmerizing natural sight: the gorges of Mali and Veliki Predaselj. Before going back to Ljubljana we’ll have a stroll through Kamnik’s medieval streets hiding various cultural styles. Arrive back to Ljubljana in afternoon hours.

– 8.30: Start of picking up in Ljubljana
– 9.30 – 13.30: Velika Planina with Preskar hut museum
– 14.00 – 15.30: Kamnik town
– 15.30 – 17.30: Discovering surroundings of Kamnik with natural sightseeing spots
– 18.30: Arrival back to Ljubljana

(Please note that the order of sightseeing stops can change.)

FROM LJUBLJANA: 68 € / person
FROM BLED: 93 € / person (min 2 applicants, otherwise price is 118 € / person)


Transport, professional English speaking guide, entrance fee to Preskar hut musem, Velika Planina gondola and funicular, organization

PRICE EXCLUDES: Other entrance fees and meals


  • Brandy tasting(3 sorts): 5 € / person


Private tours possible from 290,00 € / group. Please write us an email at info@roundabout.si to book.

We would be honored to provide you or your organization with professional destination management services. Share a few details by contacting us directly at info@roundabout.si, so we can get back to you shortly with the most relevant information.


68 € / person


290 € / tour