A cross-over sport that brings together the basics of waterskiing and the thrill of boarding. If you’re good at waterskiing, surfing, snow boarding then you should get on this pretty easily. Have we mentioned how cool is that? The chicks dig it. After a few goes you’ll get up behind the boat a-la-waterskiing and then… Read more »

Hydro speed in Slovenia

Hydrospeeding or riverboarding is a new adventure for whitewater enthusiasts. Armed with your riverboard, wetsuit, boots, flippers, helmet, and lifejacket you will follow your guide into the heart of the rapids. Hydrospeeding is the newest, the most “in your face” way to experience whitewater!

Canyoning in Slovenia

Canyoning is an extreme water sport that you can experience safely in Slovenia. With suitable equipment and a guide you can enjoy leaping into pools, sliding over small waterfalls and swimming down crystal-clear streams. These are often hidden in narrow canyons in unspoilt natural surroundings. The most suitable canyons are Susec, Fratarca and Mlinarica near… Read more »

Rafting in Slovenia

Slovenia’s rivers offer exciting yet safe rafting adventures. The most suitable river for rafting is the Soca, a clear, emerald-green river flowing through a beautiful valley. In 2008 the Soca Valley became the first destination in Slovenia to be selected by the European Commission as a European Destination of Excellence. You can also experience adrenaline-boosting… Read more »