Bowling in Slovenia

We know you have big balls but can they get bigger? Not sure you can handle even more, but before the party starts at night, it’s a great option to warm up and use your hard ball for a  STRIKE or two!

Bungee jumping in Slovenia

Bungee jumping is that crazy unimaginable activity where a person jumps from a high place with one end of an elastic cord attached to their body (usually at the ankles) and the other end tied to the jumping-off point. Adrenaline junkies can never get enough of it. Whether you are a first timer or a… Read more »

Zorbing in Slovenia

Zorbing is the newest adrenalin sport that was invented in New Zeland. It’s completely safe and suitable for anyone between 9 and 69 years. Imagine yourself suspended inside a clear inflatable plastic ball of about 3m in diameter. And when you’re just getting used to being securely positioned, the ball gets pushed down a 150m long slope…. Read more »

Paintball in Slovenia

Paintball is a game, all young people know and like. Why? You play a role as if you were a soldier in a war, but no possibility of pain and dying. This is a game, which increases your adrenaline level, since bullets fly quite fast next to you, when you try to target and shoot… Read more »